Cue the violins…

Afkah turned 40 today.
I didn’t speak to him.
Sometimes this whole breaking up thing is really hard to wrap my head around.
I didn’t speak to Afkah on his 40th birthday.
That is extremely sad. Wow.
I remember last year on this day we had a 3 day old baby. I gave him a pair of sunglasses I had bought for him a few weeks earlier. I didn’t have anything else planned for him because, well, I just gave birth to a freaking baby. I thought that for his 40th birthday I would plan a surprise party. Have his best friends come from all over the country to celebrate the big day. I love planning stuff for his birthday. I’d usually take him away for the weekend, we’d relax together, have some good food and laughs.
Today I wished him a happy birthday over text.
I made him a giant collage with pictures of him and Willa. It’s in a frame that’s wrapped in wrapping paper and a bow, with a card “from Willa.” It’s sitting on my dining room table.
He sent me a text that he was taking a very long bike ride and may stop by later in the day to see Willa. As I said, the wrapped present is still on the table. He text around 4pm to say he’s not coming.
In other news, Willa turned one and we had a sweet party for her. “Willa’s Wild One,” and the guests wore their best safari garb. Afkah was there, of course, and it was actually pretty normal. My peeps were very nice to him and vice versa. I think everyone in my life knows that someone more suited for me is out there and can appreciate Afkah for giving us Willa and not being a total dick. We obviously didn’t take any mommy, daddy, and baby pics, which is a little dismal. Reminds me that Willa will probably not have any pictures like that to look back on. Mommy and daddy are always separate.
I have some J Swipe stories but I think I’ll save them for another post and keep this entry tragic and sorrowful.
The next one I’ll be back to my witty self.
If this is your first time reading my blog, Afkah stands for “Artist Formerly Known As Husband.”
The picture is of Willa and I at her bash. Her outfit was everything.
Thank you so much for reading!


One thought on “Cue the violins…

  1. I can’t believe that you raised Willa into perfection in the midst of a split during the most difficult year of raising a child. Go Willa and mommy! Look forward to your next witty posting 😀


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