Third First Date.

This is going to be tricky.
About three fourths into this third first date, “Kevin” asked me about “Wipes and Swipes.” Yup. He’s a fan, it turns out. He’s been following this journey for  a while, so it’s hard for me to write about him knowing he’s going to read this. But I shall try…
Back story:
On Sunday my good friend Molly text me that she had a set-up for me. I was pumped. Finally! An old fashioned set-up! She told me he’s a 37 year old divorced dad who works in television. Molly asked if I prefer a text from him or a phone call. I requested a text because I’m better at writing than talking, as you know…
He text me the next day and we made plans. After the plans were made we discovered we’d both be at the same Fourth of July party so we could “dive into the awkward pool,” as he called it, the next day.
I had Willa with me during the first half of the party and we were hanging with our peeps when Kevin approached us. I’m happy to say that I think he’s quite handsome. He wore a polo shirt that fit great and I was psyched that he was a stud who knew how to dress himself. Hmmm. Now that I know he reads my blog everything is different. Did he ask a friend for fashion advice because he knew “Dr. Marty” failed in that department? He was super sweet and complimentary with Willa but is it because he knows I like that thanks to previous entries!? Did he tell me I’m beautiful because he knows my husband didn’t from reading W n S too? Whatever. Back to the story.
He chatted with my friends which was very nice and was cute with Willa. “Afkah” came to pick her up halfway through the party, and around the same time Kevin’s ex-wife dropped off his daughter. I guess the meeting of the kids thing is out of the way. His daughter was adorable, very sweet, and he was amazing with her which is HUGE to me. Especially at this stage of my life. It’s a total turn on. When I was leaving the party we confirmed plans for Wednesday night.
Drum roll please…….
I was actually excited. I didn’t feel that deep feeling of dread I have before first, second, and sometimes even third dates. I was looking forward to seeing him again. He sent me a lovely and complimentary text that night that I read 20 times. Usually if someone I barely know sent me something like that it would freak me the hell out and I’d never want to talk to them again. But it gave me butterflies in a good way.
I let him pick me up at my place for the date. That’s something I’m generally opposed to. I can’t really bolt quickly if I need to when my car isn’t there, but I was hopeful I wouldn’t need to bolt. He came to the door which was gentlemanly. I commented on this gesture and he told me it’s just what you do when you pick someone up for a date. Hey, I’ve been out of the game a long time, I don’t know how it goes anymore. He also opened the car door for me which I adore. Well, I guess all dudes do that at the beginning, but I like it nonetheless.
In a nutshell because he’s probably reading this and I don’t want to get into details:
Splendid convo in the car and the bar was super cool. It looked like an old library and had a 3 piece band playing. Sexy lighting, great vibes, and the drinks were served in fancy crystal glasses. Marvelous convo at the bar. I laughed a lot, I was interested in the stories he told me, and I think vice versa. We were at our table for 3 hours, I think. He dropped me off at home, walked me back up to the door and we said goodnight with a hug, cheek kiss, and decided on a night for next week. To be honest I kind of rushed it because it suddenly occurred to me that Afkah brings me my food delivery on either Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings and I got freaked out that there could be a potentially EXTREMELY awkward situation. Anyway, I walked through my door smiling with butterflies once again. Willa is spending the night at my parents’ place for the first time tonight so it was/is strange having my place all to myself. I feel like a high school kid whose parents are out of town. As soon as I locked my door I regretted not inviting him up for a make-out sesh. Look, it’s not every day I feel a connection with someone, let alone want to kiss them, so I wish I just went for it. It’s ok if he reads that I wish I invited him in because I already told him that. He said he would turn the car around but now he has something to look forward to.
I mean, that’s downright delightful.
I need to go to sleep.
If this is your first time reading, “Afkah” stands for Artist Formerly Known As Husband.
The picture is from tonight’s date spot.
Thank you for reading, and you too, “Kev.”


2 thoughts on “Third First Date.

  1. 😊..first off I love this blog
    secondly I think you’re incredibly brave, witty & a great writing-storyteller which makes this all the better to read & enjoy..😉
    Danggggg…. now as a person who enjoys these “Date” updates I kinda wish that KEV wasn’t reading along are you going to hold back because you know he’s reading? I know that’s selfish of me but would you have given us more date 411 if you knew he wasn’t reading??? just a thought love the blog’s continue on!!!😀


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