Ryan Seems Rad.

“Ryan” is still out of town and although we’ve connected every day since he left, I hadn’t heard from him for most of the day Wednesday.
I spoke to my friend Lisa about how I would probably never hear from him again.
“Ryan” reads the blog and I could TOTALLY understand why he would never want to contact me again. I’m a hot mess. Lisa pretty much agreed and I left it at that.
A few hours after my Lisa convo I got a text from Ryan.
R: Hello!
Me: Just got home from work. How are you?
R: Having so much fun. Read ur blog. I think ur incredibly brave and a total badass. We still on for Sat night?
Me: We are on for Saturday. I’m surprised you want to go out with someone immersed in so much drama. It’s such a shit show.
R: I’m surprised you want to date.
Me: Touche, touche. All I know is this: I think you are cute and probably very fun to hang out with.
R: Back atcha. Though I probably wouldn’t use the word “cute,” per se. Maybe to take away any weirdness and pressure or whatever we can just do the friends things w no expectations.
Me: But still bone if the wind guides us that direction.
R: I mean, boning is still on the table, sure.
A slew of lol’s followed from each of us.
I told Lisa what he said and she replied, “Holy awesomeness! This is a powerful man.”
Ryan gives great text and I also enjoy speaking with him on the phone so I’m looking forward to Saturday night.
In other news, I had a full STD panel today. I cried. Told the woman who drew my blood not to worry, I wasn’t raped or anything. Well, perhaps emotionally raped.
That’s really all I’ve got.
Just wanted to give the Ryan update.
Thanks for reading!

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