Third Second Date.

I’m happy to say I’m getting my social life back. I used to never go anywhere on Tuesday or Thursday nights because “Afkah,” (Artist Formerly Known As Husband if it’s your first time reading), was here with Willa from 5pm-7pm and I’d just stay home. I felt guilty going out past the time Willa goes to bed because Afkah works so early I didn’t feel right letting him get home late. I also liked hanging out with them, if I’m being honest. Well, now that I know that Afkah was most likely going to “Pathy’s” house when he left here, that he cheated on me throughout our relationship, and add in the fact that I hate him, I have no need to stay home on those nights. I hung out with friends on both of those nights this week till about 9 or 10 and it was great. I’ve asked Afkah on a few occasions if he could stay here on a Saturday night to get Willa up for me on Sunday morning. He’s always said no and I’ve always just accepted it. I text him Friday to let him know I wouldn’t be coming home Saturday night and he’d have to babysit overnight– oops, I mean PARENT.  I’m done trying to help him out and make his life easy. I don’t give a shit about his life at all. It’s ME time at last…

My friend Shelby picked me up at 2:30pm yesterday and we headed to our friend Dave’s place in Santa Monica. I had a date with “Ryan,” who lives in SanMo, that night so I figured I could spend the day with my peeps, meet up with Ryan, then go back to Dave’s and share his guest room with Shelby overnight. We had a great day but of course I started to get pretty nervous for my third second date.

He came and met me at Dave’s at 8pm and we proceeded to walk the streets of Downtown Santa Monica to find the bar that was calling our name. We had some laughs and settled on a gastropub, I have no idea what it was called, and sat at the bar.

We had so much fun.

It was the kind of date I dream of and I actually considered going home with him.

Easy, sexy, and FUN.

I just want to have some FUN. So much sadness lately, so much stress, I need and deserve a good damn time.

Ryan is a good time.

When I considered going back to his place I pictured it like how it is in movies where the actors are kissing as soon as they walk through the door then start bumping into furniture trying to rip each other’s clothes off.

We’ve got chemistry. And it’s hot.

I mean, I feel it, and I hope he does, but maybe I’m imagining it. Mmmmm, probably not imagining it.

I went back to Dave’s but could barely sleep thinking about when I could see him again.

A good sign, right?

Right, but this morning I got uptight about it and may chicken out on asking him to come over tonight after Willa goes to bed. If I do have him over I’m not going to write about it. I respect Ryan’s privacy and don’t think it’s cool if I kiss and tell. Also, the third date is always the kiss of death for me. We’ll see if he can make the cut. I’d love to give more deets on my night and our convos but as you know, Ryan reads this blog and people who know Ryan read this blog as well. Unlike Afkah who put me in this position, Ryan deserves a little privacy.

Just remembered my friend Addie is coming over tonight and I’ve been really looking forward to hanging with her. Guess Ryan will have to wait.

I guess that’s all I’ve got.

Thanks for reading.


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