Oh Universe.

Oh universe, you sure do have a way of keeping me in check.

I crashed my car today.

Not sure if it was my fault yet.

I’ve been so happy to be working again, doing something for myself.

Just bought Willa a new car seat, play kitchen, and was super excited to celebrate my birthday in Palm Springs with some girlfriends this weekend and not worry about not having a negative balance in my account.

This definitely taints that.

All the money I make now will go to my thousand dollar deductible and whatever extra charges I accrue on the rental car. Insurance pays $30 a day for 30 days but I had them put on the extra damage insurance for the rental in case of a wreck. Insurance doesn’t cover that.


Aside from being completely shaken up still, I am ok. My shoulder hurts which is no surprise because I injured it in 2009 and little things cause it to flair up.

Side Note:

The Great Fall of ’09 happened when I was with my ex Nick in the gym and I literally flew off a treadmill. I know Nick reads this blog and I’m wondering if he’s dying right now remembering this event. I couldn’t sleep on my right side for six months and it was just as embarrassing as it was painful. The actor Joe Lo Truglio (name drop) was one of the by standers  and described it as the worst noise he’d ever heard. I begged everyone not to tell the owner of the gym because it was definitely on the security cameras and didn’t want it replayed EVER. As far as I know no one told him…

End of side note.

The positives:

I was driving to work so Willa wasn’t in the car.

My ex husband stepped up and came to my rescue.

Aside from how he’s treated me over the years, he’s always there for me in crisis and I know always will be.

I wish I never had to drive again but I am physically fine for the most part.

Everything is okay.

Crap. Such a bummer still.

I want to take Willa to gym class in an hour to continue normalcy for her like I’ve tried to do this entire year but man, it’s hard sometimes.

Writing makes me feel better usually so wanted to purge this story of my day.

October will be better, right?

The next entry will hopefully be more entertaining and filled with good news.

Thank you for reading.


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